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Internationally renowned artist Ramona Pintea is our new One Bean Marketing Featured Business.

Over the past year Ramona Pintea has created a global sensation and women’s empowerment movement through her #urbanqueen series of paintings. The collection is multi-faceted: colorful, bold, uplifting and symbolic — a fierce statement about women, and women's empowerment which has gained traction with art lovers, collectors and followers around the world. I recently had the pleasure of meeting with the talented and charismatic artist, who said she was inspired to create the #urbanqueen collection after reading a Forbes article detailing how women-led countries have been the most successful in combating the coronavirus pandemic around the world.

Through her impressive and colorful paintings, Ms Pintea is connecting with women and expressing how women are moving forward and their vision of the world in this moment in our history. She explained, “Women have the power to do more than what we think, more than we ever imagined. We hold the power within ourselves. The #urbanqueen series is meant for women to tap into their own light. Each one of us is unique with our own powers, our own abilities, and when you see the #urbanqueen hanging in boardrooms, offices, in schools and even in our own bedrooms, they remind us women and our girls: we got this! The crown, symbolic and powerful, reminds us we are all queens."

Ramona Pintea was also interviewed in The Hollywood Times recently where she talks about her inspirations, her life, and how she celebrates the power of women in everyday life through her work.

Inspired to see more? Visit to learn about the artist, follow her online, and purchase her work. One Bean Marketing followers will receive an exclusive gift from the artist herself by using code “Onebean” upon purchase.

Excited to support this incredible artist and hope you enjoy her message through her art as much as we do!

-Angie Xidias, CEO, One Bean Marketing

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